A new rising star Nazrief Nazri in our special denim shirt collection.

Some of our customers who shared their raya moment with #clnkish #ootdraya2013


Paper cutting from Pancaindera Aug26 2012. Thanks to Utusan Malaysia. Artist, Johan A'sari

Paper cutting from Utusan Malaysia & Berita Harian. Artist, Zizanrajalawak & Johan A'sari.

 Omar Al-Attas in Clnkish Kurta with hood, exclusive collection during his open house.

Amy Ismail in Clnkish celebrate Aidiladha at Cardiff, UK.
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Rujhan in Clnkish's jubah and his sons in BabyClnkish's jubah for Hari Raya 2012.

Shukery & Sham in Raya Collection 2012 during Aidilfitri

Haris in stripy oversize kurta by Clnkish

 Johan A'sari is in Clnkish during WFE buka puasa amal at SpaceU8, Bukit Jelutong.

WFE artists (From left: Zizan, Kaka & Johan A'sari)

CLNKs in Clnkish for buka puasa. All look gorgeous in Clnkish.

Joe look cozy in Clnkish zebra stripe shirt. Photo taken by @azreenazlan at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. 

Afdal look dashing in Clnkish jubah.  

 Zizan Rajalawak and Afdal in Clnkish. Thanks to Marina Juki.

Zizan Rajalawak wearing Clnkish during Tayangan Unggul, Astro buka puasa.

The Raya Collection 2012 photoshoot session were taken at Masjid Sultan Mizan, Putrajaya. This photoshoot was taken by professional photographer Dasuki Hawari from Dashphotography. Male model is Aidil and female model is Johana Chen. Hijab sponsored by Adamell and Jastina.
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